Friday, February 26, 2016

Turning the tide against the wealthy (#2583)

     There is no big secret here, most everyone of us is not going to be wealthy. It is as simple as basic math. So why do we pretend we will be wealthy? Apparently wishful thinking has become more a mission than a lark. Well, I for one am in no amount of illusion as to me ever being wealthy and if truth be told I don't want to be. Wealth has its own particular disadvantages although being able to regularly pay the bills would be huge advantage. Still though, the means needed to become wealthy are now down to miserable personality types who have less sensitivity to the plight of others and more self driven ambition that has to, by necessity, become less characteristic of honorable intent. I could never be that kind of person.
     Republicans have assured us that only those who play by caveman politics, survival of the fittest, have what it takes to make their way into the wealth club. Well not to be too specific, there are those who do become wealthy that are genuinely people with good intent, But even they know that there are too many questionable hurdles they have jumped that helped to secure their wealth. Despite their denial, the wealthy are the problem with our society. The wealthy before our current crop of wealthy helped build a system within our society that segregates and obstructs in the name of the privileged and advantaged. The old line wealth begets wealth is never more true today.
     So how do we non-wealthy disrupt this democracy destroying plague of the wealthy increasing its assets while the non-wealthy we continue to see our assets diminish? There is but one obvious path to correcting this capitalism gone amuck. First we place higher taxes on the wealthy and then rewrite our tax codes so that the future of all of us is considered in the refinement of our democratic society. There are many more of us non-wealthy who are beginning to understand that the capitalistic system we have that is being offered as equal is a false premise. We must legislate unfettered greed out of our society and institute measures aimed at a more fair and equal economic system whereby all of us get a real shot at success and the pursuit of our happiness.

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