Friday, February 19, 2016

Two sides to every coin (#2576)

     I had a short conversation yesterday with a man who said he wasn't going to vote this time around because he wasn't inspired by any candidate running for president. I told him fine and let it at that. He seemed very annoyed that I would even bring up the subject of voting so I didn't press it. I thought about it a little bit later and realized that I should have told him it isn't just about being inspired by some candidate as a reason for voting. I should have snuck in this short comment, It isn't only about who we want, it is also about who we don't want. I know this person well enough that I will talk to him later and when I do I will bring up the "who we don't want" comment when it won't be annoying to him. Casual and quick.
     It may well have been best that I didn't remember to say that when he was expressing his annoyance as he would have been less likely to think about it. However I know he felt a bit foolish for getting annoyed with me when all I did was ask him if he was registered to vote. So between his forthcoming need to give me some form of an apology that he would not admit too and this little bit of realization I will give him, maybe he will reconsider. Anyway, that is where that is. I have a feeling that many out there are not going to vote because they don't see the real need to vote. That is why we need to not only trumpet the good our democratic candidates are trying to do but highlight as well the bad that the republicans wish to thrust upon us.
     Republicans are on a mission to further damage our working middle poor class by taking away our social security and reducing and even eliminating medicare and medicaid. Republicans want the minimum wage to decrease, they want student loans to be lessened. They even want women to make less per hour doing the same work as men. Republicans have to be exposed for their attack on our working class folks and the more we highlight the facts like more and more eligible American citizens are being denied the right to vote by republicans, maybe we will get through the wall of indifference that too many of our citizenry are in oblivion about.

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