Sunday, February 28, 2016

We fellow travelers (#2585)

     I hear this argument from conservatives that we liberals want to spend too much of our taxpayer dollars on helping refugees and immigrants of all persuasions instead of one our own citizens. That instead of caring for those fleeing danger or wanting a better life we should shut the door on them and instead enhance our own lives. Well, I agree with them on half their argument. I know we can help those seeking shelter in our country from the ravages of reality while also helping ourselves. I try to tell conservatives that it is most of the wealthy who are not only the beneficiaries of the majority share of fiscal help but they also have found ways through our current tax code to shelter their money, ironically, overseas.
     When a majority of us are the being shortchanged by the tactics of the wealthy to control the finances in not only the private sector but now also through lobbying, the public sector we see this type of defense as typical. Force the notion that our nation is being to thoughtful and sensitive to outsiders as a scapegoat while the wealthy continue on their merry way reaping the profit from not only. This will backfire on the wealthy and their conservative republican proxy's. Mainly because our nation, America, was uniquely built on the backs of immigrants and if any nation on earth has ever formed from the collective that is called Earthlings, it has never been known.
     We human beings are fellow travelers on this planet and for one very small wealthy group and their republican political party to disparage the common sense and decency of the rest of us as a way to turn ourselves against ourselves is not only despicable but it is dangerous. Their greed has led them to a place where they cannot see that the rest of us have them figured out. We know that by an axiom, "their acts will show their intent". The wealthy, generally, don't act to better and further humanity, on the contrary, their acts only expose their disdain for humanity.

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