Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Why live a virtuous life? (#2567)

     Having been one who unfortunately needs to learn too many things from trial and error I can say for myself that living without virtue in one's life is demoralizing and soul crushing. The temptations of self gratifying decadence is fleeting and in its aftermath is a emptiness of guilt that can only be described as such by those who have a conscience. This blog post is only for those who have a conscience since those who don't, psychopaths/sociopaths, would not be able to understand the emotional component brought on by knowing the difference between living a virtuous life and not living a virtuous life.
     I have always known virtuousness but earlier in my life I chose to ignore it and let my fantasies be fueled by the temptations that were all around me. I tried to live as someone I was not and finally, after too many waking moments of guilt and remorse I realized that I couldn't go on being who I was being and still be who I was deep down inside me. A crossroads was reached and I choose to go back to being who I initially started out life as, someone who was more proud, in the best se3nse of the word, to be helpful and sacrifice, and dismissed that someone I had become, who was more reckless and selfish.
     I realized that the temptations that were luring me in were not lasting. They were more an illusion of what I dreamed about and less a reality in actuality. It was courageous of me to make a stand and ground my feet firmly in the honor and nobility of virtue despite any and all unintentional setbacks. I am human and as such still prone to weakness and frailty. However when those few times happen when I do fail the test of virtue I recover quickly to exit myself from the allure. I try to live a virtuous life because it feels right in my soul. If there is one thing I have learned about being alive in this existence, it is that feeling right is much much better than chasing a never fulfilling illusion.

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