Saturday, March 26, 2016

Capitalism cannot control our social welfare (#2612)

     The problem with capitalism is that it will always seek the greatest risk/reward outcome possible. For profit is it's lifeblood and no amount of care or good will can supersede it's nature. The problem arises when our society sets up social programs in order to alleviate nefarious social ills like poverty, illnesses, homelessness and hunger for example. The attempt to create programs that have an ultimate goal of lessening the negative effects that capitalism always causes cannot have their foundation in capitalism. they must, by their necessity, be generated from a duty of care not to profit but to help the most while maintaining an efficiency. Profit is not the genesis of social programs, on the contrary, a lessening of societal ills is the goal.
    So by implementing programs that have no monetary profit as their goal, we find that a communal approach to organization is the best served paradigm. Where society is the beneficiary. A system where the capitalistic private sector has no control over how our social programs operate. We can use business models to create non profit organizations for the spread of the social programs as effectively as possible but nowhere is there monetary profit to be had. We do this for ourselves, not as a business venture in search of wealth. We build a floor from which no one can fall below. When we all start out from at least a basic foundation we all have a better chance to pursue our happiness.
     Once we have established our metaphorical concrete floor, we then can focus on the things in life that make us most happy. Creating new ideas and allowing for innovation to capture our imaginations. We can master our current technologies and explore our planet and our solar system in order to fulfill our naturally occurring curious natures. There is so much we can do as humans if we can just get our foundational principles for our society in place. We are a democracy first so all issues relating to democratic principles follow. After that we take what economic lessons we have that work and make them the tool of our building process. Private enterprise for wealth and public enterprise for health. both can work in conjunction with one another.

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