Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Every new day is a chance to get it right (#2601)

     That very instance I awaken again is when I know I have a chance to get this day right. I realize that I am still alive and that all things are possible from this moment on. It is like each new day gives me a reboot back to the beginning. Sure each new day's beginning is comprehensively more complicated from the very first new beginning for me but a new beginning nonetheless. My mind is wiped clean from the rigmarole and whirligig of the day before. It is fresh and although mindful of what has happened in most all my past, it is ready to take on all new challenges with a fresh look.
     The beauty of sleep and then awakening is the break we get from our steady stream of analysis and reasoning. I utilize this paradigm, like most all of us do, when I get stuck on a problem I leave it for a bit and then come back to it from a different mental or emotional place than when I left. Sometimes the very act of leaving and coming back is all I need to break through. Much like my new awakening every new day. What I learn form this is that information overload is natural for us and our minds can only handle so much before our minds are unable to process in a consistently efficient way. The rest or diversion from one reality to something else is literally part of how we can better function as evolving human beings.
     We keep discovering our potential in ever increasing magnificent ways but the one constant is that our minds need to be fresh. Our biology dictates that rest is crucial to maintaining a fresh approach so it is with us when we awaken. Our minds get a chance to have a new day to start all over again, while not losing what we already have stored in our memories. If most are like me then the chance to get the day right is always a challenge but given that we are an information gathering species able to reason, analyze and conclude, the chances for us to get it right increases with each passing day.

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