Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Find your voice (#2602)

     All of us have something to say. We may not be able to word it correctly or be able to break it down so it makes sense but we do have something to say. I know for me it took me several decades to figure out that I needed more education in order to express myself logically. At least that is what I now think. lol. So when I have an opinion about our present or our future I rely on the past to help guide me in expressing it. There are many examples from our past and the past of other civilizations from which to draw on. Either way though I can find evidence to support my eventual conclusion. I don't go off of just emotion or intuition. I have to be able to use common sense and logic in order to argue for or against policies or ideas.
     Next is finding a vehicle or a forum from which to express my opinions. The beauty of the Internet is that since I have understood my need to speak out, the Internet has provided a needed paradigm. I established my Facebook page and my blog post. Both of which give me access to information and a soapbox for my thoughts and actions. The day I decided to do a daily blog post, I thought long and hard about the commitment it would demand of me. Everyday making enough time to write approximately 250 to 300 or so words into a an idea or an advocacy that makes some sense. Over 7 years now it has proven to me to be very well worth the sacrifice in time in order to allow what I think and feel to permeate the ether.
     It is a small way to put my stamp of existence into a context greater than the breath I draw in and out during my lifetime culminated by a headstone or an obituary article. Some build monuments to themselves as a way to leave behind a marker of their existence. I don't care so much to leave a tribute that has no substance to it. My blog and Facebook page are my testament. they capture me on a daily basis over time covering a wide gamut of intellectualism and emotion. I am trying to record what is inside me because what I have discovered about myself is that if more human beings were like me there would be far less trouble in the world at large. I don't want much for myself, instead I want enough for all of us. Is that so bad?

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