Thursday, March 10, 2016

Follow your heart and the rest of your life will follow (#2596)

     This can be a very painful way to live one's life but then again life offers no guarantees. So pain will be with us regardless of what we do. Might as well live how you feel and disregard all the expectations others have for us. For me it is simple enough. I have managed to dodge most all obstacles in my life that would have restricted me in ways that were not complete. I know that nothing in life is perfect but it should at least come close. I have followed my heart and as yet my heart has not found a home with another except with my little wards, a dog and a cat.
     But following my heart isn't all about a personal relationship, it is much more than that. My principles for living and the codes I have built from them to help guide me forward. I have been guilty of breaking my codes and I know what it is like and how that feels. The perspective I have learned is invaluable. Never again will I let the fleeting allure of sensation overwhelm my sense of humility. metaphorically, the enticing sirens call but I do not have to answer. What is more important to me I have found is the possibility of the one call that I cannot resist that is of the same mind as I am. That meeting of soul and mind that is attracted in all ways. But again, it is not all about a personal relationship.
     The passions I have for the direction of our society and the lifting up of souls to a more suitable living environment commensurate with our species is as important. What can a greater calling in life entail if not the whole of who we are and what we can become? Following my heart straight to my end is not such a bad deal and although I have forsaken the idea of selfishness and self gratification as a priority, I get to experience something much greater. A humbling pride in how I live and who I reflect back to the world. The power I receive from such a journey is immeasurable and difficult for me to explain in sheer words.

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