Monday, March 7, 2016

Have we forgotten how to be honest? (#2593)

     So much about our economic system relies on hiding things that unfortunately we have all become experts at hiding the truth when it can hurt us. Not just emotional hurt but real hurt like loss of job and the ability to earn a decent income. This generally described "sleight of hand" is the new normal so it isn't surprising that our moral code, to be honest, is less than honorable. This is one of the main reasons we need an overhaul in how we do our economics, and why we should socialize base incomes so that our entrepreneurs and workers are not as desperate to compete in a system that punishes those who are not highly successful.
     Now you may think that desperation makes for a better worker but I would disagree, On the contrary, desperation makes for more profit for those who are already doing well, while the desperate are living an existence that has no clear path forward to a better life. We see what desperation does when we look to the black market of prostitution, gambling and drugs. When otherwise decent folks have to sell themselves in order to remain alive, With a basic income we eliminate desperation as a consequence of low wages being offered to those who have little to no ability to refuse them.
     Keeping our workforce in a state of poverty may well help the wealthy to grow their own wealth simply by denying workers living wages but it cannot last since there will always be a need for workers to have disposable income to buy products in the marketplace. As well the growing unrest from the working class cannot bode well for those wealthy who are manipulating them through the political process. A day of reckoning has always come as the past has taught us but it seems that many, within the republican party, have no time for knowing what historical event is about to rear it's punishing head up at them.

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