Monday, March 14, 2016

If you are 18 by the general election you must vote! (#2600)

     November 8th is the day for our national election to take place. If you are born on or before November 8th 1998, then you are eligible to vote. It is your responsibility in many republican controlled states to make sure you are registered to vote, unlike in democratic controlled states where we go out of our way to make sure all eligible American citizens are registered to vote. Let me explain why voting is so important. first it is your national voice. If you are an American who can vote then your vision for the future lies in you exercising you voice. How can we advance into the future unless we all are participating in the journey?
     Second is the ability to retain your right to vote. The republican party is working very hard to take the right to vote from as many American citizens as it possibly can. They do this aimed specifically at those citizens who are less able to defend themselves against the faulty logic used in republican vote denying legislation. The concept of a slippery slope is real here. Republicans have already made voting harder for many poor, senior and student Americans and they will not stop until they can rig the electorate to their majority thus guaranteeing their further hold on elected public office. Why would we let republicans rig our voting so that they are the only ones whose voting rights are protected?
     The only way we would is if we didn't exercise our current right to register and vote. The one greatest right we all have is our right to vote. If we don't hold it dear to our hearts, then soon enough those who would will take it from us. That is why we need to be vigilant in the utility of our vote. A sacred honor it is for us to be a voice in our own government and society. Shall we keep it or shall we turn away to other things that occupy our time? Once you have lost your right to vote you will find that getting it back is much more difficult than if you just protected it in the first place.

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