Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ignorance vs. Intelligence (#2588)

     It is often very common for us to be both ignorant and intelligent at times but for many of us to willfully choose to be ignorant over being intelligent is unfathomable. But such is the case in our current political and social dynamics here in America. Too many of us have allowed our hatred and biases to become greater than our ability to achieve and diversify. The old short cut route is in fashion where many choose not to do the hard work of discovery and instead take the old ways of doing things and trying to fit them into a more modern world. Much like trying to put a square peg into a round hole.
     Life is all about change and most of the thinkers in our society agree that the best change is more appropriate than not changing at all. If we control our way of progressing through time and space then we truly are the masters of our destinies. However others see that change and are frightened so they fall back on those things that brought comfort to the past. What they don't get is that not dealing with the best solutions for change will only make the future that much more difficult to adapt toward. I can deny facts all day long but that does not give me any solutions at the end of it.
     The action of being ignorant is not just denying facts, it is masked behind the worst of our natures. Attacking the messengers, allowing greed to be the final arbiter, settling on selfishness above all other possibilities. There are numerous ways we manifest our ignorance, even trying to make it sound intelligent. Yet we know that without compassion and curiosity we are like the other species, wandering around without the ability to change in a reasoned and thoughtful way. Our human species is absolutely remarkable yet too many of us are not willing to take the risk to live as the better and best of who we are.

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