Sunday, March 13, 2016

Modernity is our future! (#2599)

     I am appalled at the republican party. What was just a simmering unwelcome nastiness toward minorities, women and the working middle/poor class has now become full blown mainstream with them. No political party is devoid of nefarious characters who display a psychopathy more than a generosity of spirit, but for the republican party to actively incorporate them as more than welcome is despicable. So not only are republicans denying the democratic principle of equality, they are just as against science and logical common sense. If one cannot distinguish that the republican party is trying to destroy what modernity represents then that one is, sad to say, ignorant.
     Using class warfare as it's modus operandi, the republican party is pitting factions of our society against other factions of our society. It is as plain and simple as that yet we seem to be so full of other frustrations that we allow the transfer of them to occur. Instead of concentrating our frustrations on the wealthy and their republican sycophants, we take the easier route and blame those who are less able to defend themselves. It is discouraging that many of we Americans are too fearful to stand up to the forces that could do us greater harm. So we meekly allow those forces to direct our anger at the more vulnerable us.
     It is a pity that the nature of man/woman can so easily be funneled from honor and the best of what pride can be to in effect a dog with a his tail between his legs. We are acting like the cattle and cannon fodder that the wealthy see us as. When will we stand up with our own strength and fight back against the bully wealthy who have had it their way for far too long in the history of the human species? This isn't just a battle for today, it is a fight that has been put off since the dawning of civilization. Are we a true democracy aimed at a modernity that honors merit, creativity and innovation without privilege and advantage? Or are we the shadow of one that is controlled by those who herd us with threats and table scraps?

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