Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Our imaginations are the key to our future (#2594)

     First we must think it. The idea of going to the Moon was just fantastical thinking during the 19th century. Yet here we are in the 20th century bored with the idea of going back to the Moon. I will never underestimate the ability of the human mind to rationalize and and then reason a way to get things done that seem impossible. It is probably due to the indefatigable optimism that is my impetus for life. I have no doubt that whatever we are able to conjure up from some cockeyed thought or some sleeping dream may become a reality at some time in our future. Even to the idea that the laws of science, mathematics and physics can be expanded to an even greater multi dimensional application.
    In other words, nothing is impossible given that we have yet to unlock the mysteries of our own existence. Let me be cautious though and admit that it will take time, lots of it for us to develop the needed sense or knowledge to see our current dimensions as just the starting point of our journey through the rest of time and space. Even the laws governing time and space paradigms are not set in stone. We must follow what parameters we have now in order to test them against all new information but when the time comes for admitting we have not yet corralled all of what is possible then we must move to a new way of thinking to put some order to it.
     Much like the problems we face today in our political, economic and social lives. What worked yesterday served us adequately or not, but what doesn't work today should not be our model for moving forward into our future. We must update and realign our thinking to match the evolutionary change we are inevitably part of. If we think it then we may create it if we push the boundaries of what we know out to the edge of what we don't know. Eventually we get there, in many cases like going to the Moon.

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Caroline said...

Very well said. This reminds me of manifesting our dreams. I am currently testing this theory by envisioning (seeing the picture) the reality I choose to live in then having faith in humanity. With positive affirmations everyday being the focal point I am seeing results. xo Liney