Monday, March 21, 2016

Separating the political wheat from the bullshit chaff (#2607)

     I don't often use a biblical term in my blog posts but this one is very appropriate to what my subject is this morning. Often we lately see the republican party making statements of utter nonsense as fact. It is so blatant that when we rebut these nonsensical or anti democratic statements we tend to overly state our positions against theirs with hyperbole toward sensationalizing them. You know, make them sound worse then they really are. I have the same tendency at times because of the shock I get when I hear or read them. But that is not how we should rebut these idiocies. Because when we don't use the actual quote of the statement we lose our ethical high ground. Which gives the republicans the perfect opportunity to turn their misleading or factually wrong statements into a secondary subject that gets lost in our attempts to paint them worse than they are.
     Where the message gets lost and our own hyperbole becomes the butt of the argument. So it is critical that when we rebut a wrong headed talking point that we focus on the statement of fact, not our own bias in hearing or seeing it. Where we as the messengers of the bad word become the subject of the scrutiny. If I parrot back what republicans are actually doing and saying I let their own actions and words become the thrust of the argument. Which is exactly what I want to happen. Keep the focus on them at all costs so that they must respond not with an attack on me but with the reasoning and analysis of their own conclusions.
     As much as I disdain selfish greedy politics, I must always remember not to get too high or too low emotionally about it. I have to come at it with a logical mind guided by the principles of premise, premise, premise conclusion. Or whatever logically correct equation that gets me to the truth of a fact or the fallacy a fiction. My own emotions must not be part of it regardless of how I am offended by the initial republican position. Maintaining an even keel and not getting caught up in the heat of the illogical will always serve me well and in the end prevail over those who only wish to strong arm their position without having to defend it's validity.

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