Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Suicide as a weapon doesn't help anyone (#2609)

     I wanted to talk about the recent spate of suicide bombings and why these folks feel it is necessary to kill others while taking their own lives. There is nothing, and I mean nothing noble about killing yourself and others through collateral damage. First how is it that you ever get to a point in your life where you decide to kill yourself as a solution? The act of suicide isn't a solution, it is an ultimate surrender from which there is no return. I have been depressed and discouraged many times in my life, but I have never quit on trying to change society's ills. I fight to show that there is a better way. I fight to show that my voice is greater than any desperate act of quitting. Where is my voice if I am gone and hated for committing a heinous atrocity?
     When everyone hates the sound of my name for doing something despicable and inhuman, how have I advanced any cause? I would rather live and endure pain and suffering in the name of a noble cause than to die a whimpering coward who cared more about his own selfish desires than the value of a noble principle. Suicide is for cowards and fighting on through pain and suffering is courageous. What is your legacy? Are you aware that others who convince you to kill yourself for a cause they are not killing themselves for is a con job? People who would tell you to kill yourself so that they can continue are just using you.
     Who do you leave behind who are scarred by the senselessness of your actions. What mark do you leave on them that they will never be able to erase? I don't kill myself in order to make a point. I make a point with my voice and my relentless attitude of never quitting on advocating for a better world. Without my passion here alive, what does that say about my true commitment? I am no hit a run coward. I make my point and stand to hear the reaction back. I know I am right so why wouldn't I stand up for it and take on the forces that think I am wrong? I am no coward who would kill himself and others just to make a point. I can make a point nicely just by voicing my opinion and standing tall with my head up to hear the response!

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