Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The republican party, by far the most dishonest political party in America (#2595)

     When your strategy to win and hold public office is centered on denying citizens the right to vote, you are trying to cheat in order to win. When you lie about your opponent in the media that you control in order to gain an advantage with voters then you are the worst of our species. When you deny facts exist so that your advantages are untouched by reality, then you are more subhuman than human. When you tell the working class that they are lazy and are the ones responsible for their failures without pointing out how rigged the economy is against them then you are a coward and a thief. When you question the morality of others based upon a standard you are nowhere near able to keep yourself then you are the worst of the hypocritical crowd.
     This is the agenda of the republican party. Conservatism wreaked with lying, cheating and stealing. So instead of living in the reality of our times, conservatives have taken to denial and subterfuge. They cannot adjust their thinking to include anything that resembles democracy. Instead their thinking now is all about subverting democracy. It is the greed and lust for power to maintain a status quo that history will show as an abomination to equality, liberty and freedom for all. Democracy is too much for republicans since it allows all to participate. They realize that if we all participated their advantages and privileges would disappear and they would have to fend on the grounds as the rest of us.
     To republicans equality is unthinkable since they are of the mindset that they are a better class of citizens than those who don't ascribe to the theory of selfishness. Where greed and power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. The self satisfying feeling that only comes with power through force. They have no do good bones left in them since doing good is antithetical to their envisioned, ego fueled future. Oh and by the way, the color of one's skin is a factor to them as to whether you deserve the same rights and privileges as they do. Republicans want a factory farm of workers at their disposal but only if they have less rights and must always ask for a "by your leave sir" when in their presence!

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