Saturday, March 12, 2016

There is power in courage when you are in truth (#2598)

     I have no problem at all standing up straight and firm when confronted by those who are in the wrong. There is something empowering about being on the ride side of whatever. We often have to work up our courage to confront those who are bullies or those who run roughshod over our hopes and dreams. Usually by the time we get the courage to react to something wrong the wrong has already been done. I will not have that in my life since I have learned that paying any price to protect that which is right at the get go is far more valuable than doing it after the fact. What I have learned is that in America life is hard too often than not and not confronting hard with hard is a mistake.
     There is good all around us and for that I am grateful. It is what inspires me when the bad or wrong comes rearing it's ugly head. I have had it with fear being the obstacle to keeping or attaining a better world to live in. I used to be afraid sometimes that my life may end too soon for some principle that not everyone would protect. I have since learned that it doesn't matter what anyone else does it only matters what I do. I control me and if my life has a chance to be forfeited then so be it. It is nothing different than what our brave soldiers and many police officers face on an all too consistent basis. But the key is to be on the right side when the standing and fighting time comes.
     Take this from me if you will. I have been on the wrong side and tried to fight for it but what I found was that there was no depth to my passion. I was hollow and only trying to gain some advantage through more bluff than substance. The same it is with bullies and those who only care for themselves. They have no honor behind their thrust into our lives so when I stand against them I have an edge they will never have. Being on the right side of honor is a glorious position and one I will never leave again. So bring on the bullies and the carpetbaggers, I am ready for them in a very powerful way.

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