Monday, March 28, 2016

Why voting is getting harder and harder (#2614)

     There really is a conscious effort on the part of many in politics, especially the republican party, to limit voting or too make voting more complicated than it has to be. By requiring voter identifications that use only specific identifications or by disallowing students who are at out of state colleges to vote in the state they are in school at or by making married and then divorced women have to change their names back to their original maiden names in order to vote. Along with limiting expanded voting, making absentee voting difficult and reducing voting stations on the day of our vote and using voting tabulation systems suspected of flipping votes without having a paper trail to verify each and every vote. These are just some of the restrictions that have been instituted by the republican party.
     The democratic party has it's own flaws. By using caucus's to decide which candidate will represent our party is not a direct way to show the true will of the people. We also use super delegates which is a form of elitism to combat a favorable ground swell to protect the status quo over real democratic change. Although we Democrats are the lesser of the violators we still need to clean up our nominating process. However, republicans are the true villains here. They are going full steam to deny voting rights to women, the youth and the elderly. For that they should be punished harshly as no one should be allowed to disenfranchise one American citizen of their right to vote.
     So the question now becomes how we vote, those of us who still can, this coming November in the general election. Do we reward the republican party for dismantling the most precious right we have, our vote? Or do we punish them by voting for all democrats on the ballot? I know I will be voting for every democrat running for any position because even though our democratic party is not perfect, it is absolutely head and shoulders above anything the republican party offers. While it is enough for me to vote against republicans simply for their vote denying strategy, there are many more prominent reasons to vote against them that I don't have time here in this blog post to name.

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