Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Again, privilege and advantage fighting to stay as the staus quo (#2643)

     The republican party is throwing everything it has into keeping the wealthy and powerful in control of our economy, politics and social behaviors. What I call the privilege and advantage crowd working overtime to maintain it's ability to suppress and obstruct most; while easing and pampering most everything else for the few. As I see it now over the last almost decade, those of us who are most harmed by the privileged and advantaged crowd have had enough and have been building momentum toward not only teaching what privilege and advantage is but to advocating and protesting more vociferously for it's dismantling.
     This momentum is even crossing political party lines as we all seem to be aware that politics has not necessarily been our friend. Although both major parties are not the same in many regards, they do share some commonalities like protecting institutional privileges and advantages, Democrats less so but there are within our party some who are aligned to keep the status quo as it is. In the republican party most all are in line with protecting the status quo and see any change of privilege and advantage as a real threat to their wealthy donors. I won't sugar coat any of this. Even the few bad actors in our democratic party must be held accountable and or purged from office if they will not join the vast majority of we working/middle/poor class in eliminating privilege and advantage.
     As to the republican party the whole of it is rotten to the core. They are few if any conservative republicans who wouldn't fight tooth and nail to keep the rest of us suppressed and obstructed from equal opportunities and a beginning foundation from which to express our merit and innovative qualities in order to pursue our life's dreams. There is some light housekeeping we need to do in our democratic party to eliminate the privilege and advantage crowd, but in the republican party there is only crushing them into irrelevancy as a solution. Vote like your life depends on it and make sure you never cast a vote for a republican again!

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