Thursday, April 7, 2016

Always vigilant to do no harm (#2624)

     My political philosophy has not changed with me getting older or into better economic circumstances. Nothing changes what I know to be a factual. I don't get cynical because things are hard to accomplish. I am who I am and for that I am grateful. It isn't easy being grounded in my principle to cause no harm. I am human and my frailties are tempted constantly. Yet I also pause and reflect before making decisions so that I can again come back to my core and remember who I am and what matters most to me. I have compromised my principles in the distant past and vividly remember the guilt and remorse of my decisions. I have no time for relearning old lessons. The temptations may have changed but the dishonesty of the feeling hasn't.
     Many wonder why I do care to make a stand on principle when we are able to disguise our methods and manipulations at will. Simply for me it is because I have an amazing conscience. It is my rock and my center stone for living. I have found the mystery of myself and I will never let it go for some shiny object or some ego laden glad handed platitude. What is personal to me is also precious. I will not fight against the very unique individual nature I have of me. Instead I will embrace it and hold my head high regardless the consequence or stigma others who don't feel the same would aim at me.
     I am a vigilant soul as well, so not only am I who I am but I am stout to defend it at all costs. Nothing in this existence is a given. All of it is fragile to all of us. So for me to be less than who I am is not only a disservice to me but as well a disservice to those I admire. I will not grovel through life or be at the by your leave of another because some fear or greed has me trapped. Nothing in life is more valuable than the integrity we each get to display. Be yourself at all costs and let the chips of life fall where they may. At least you will know that they have fallen honestly and with respect to your own principles. I am the captain of the biological, time limited, spaceship Carl and all that is me will be part of who I know I am.

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