Saturday, April 9, 2016

Being truthful makes you strong (#2626)

     I know this one well. I used to try to pawn off my inability to understand things with a lot of baffling with bullshit instead of dazzling with brilliance. What I didn't know back then when I was younger and full of myself was that I was trying like hell to take every shortcut in life I could because somehow I felt more entitled to be alive than others. Yes, I was an egoistical little punk, as I look back on it now. For all the smarts I was able to acquire and good fortune to having been raised in a more poor than not but loving home, I sure was full of myself and what existence should be about instead of what it is about.
     So I spent way to much time being taught the same lesson over and over in many different ways until I finally grasped the concept that I was not special, nor extraordinary. I was just another human trying to make his way in a large group of other humans. it dawned upon me that I wasn't deserving of special treatment when I looked around me and saw all the harm and suffering being dished out on a daily basis to way too many people who had the misfortune of being born in the wrong country or to the wrong parents. I also realized that my perspective was two dimensional, devoid of the depth of experience which opened my eyes to how hard life is for the vast majority of we humans.
     The wealthy and their advocates like to talk about how everyone has the potential to be successful, but what they don't talk about is how that potential is manipulated and beaten down with unassailable obstacles and trickery in the name of nuanced law. Those that have wealth do not wish for others to join their ranks. They enjoy being self satisfied and want no competition that would take their self satisfaction away. Me, I could care less about the whims and desires of the wealthy when all around me I see the faces of those who cannot nor will not ever see the sunny side of success in our difficult if not impossible to break into economy.

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