Monday, April 4, 2016

Overruling passion with logic (#2621)

     I may have been able to simply type the phrase overruling passion with logic but nothing else about that phrase is simple. For more times than not, I had failed to be able to do so despite the logic being very clear to me. If others have the same type of intense passion that I do then you know how difficult cutting off one's passion can be. Let's just say that of the times I made a fool of myself most everyone of them has been because I went against the logic of suppressing my passion. I am an emotional person who thinks he knows that his passion can be controlled through logic. Knowing it is one thing applying it in real time is another.
     Yet, that is what must be done. I am older now and fortunate that my chemical makeup isn't the red hot fire that it was when I was a teenager or in my twenties. Although my passion hasn't diminished, the intensity of it has. Still though applying logic to my emotion is the correct struggle. As badly as I feel or want something to be what I conceive of it to being, logic has to supersede my analysis when I am so biased. What I forget is that usually my passion doesn't stop within me, it affects others and that calculation and all it involves has to be part of my reasoning and analysis. Also the efficacy of my passion as it relates to public and private matters has to be balanced against a greater view.
     I am no less passionate about whatever subject I feel so emotionally drawn toward. I realize that the good of something should never be thwarted by the great of the same thing. Most every time moving forward toward my desire of want is enough progress when compared to it moving further away or ending. The bigger picture sees both the good/great outcome or a bad/destructive ending from the same equation. Which is why logic is needed to guide the ship of my emotions/passions. As I get older and wiser I see the necessity of progress much more now than when I was young and full of youthful vigor, ready to destroy all around me in order to make something an ideal. I control my passions now and remember that leaving the world in a better place than when I got here is a noble and endearing ambition.

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