Thursday, April 28, 2016

Protecting democray (#2645)

     Democracy, my main goal in life is to protect it. Why? Because democracy gives me the right to be equal in theory and practice with all others. We may attain different outcomes within our life spans but we all start out the same. The rest should be up to us based upon our own creativity and merit. We don't have that ideally yet here in America but we are close. So fighting to keep it and improve on it is foremost in my life's purpose. There are those who would take our democracy and change it to fit some idea they have about how we should live and think. It is these misguided folks who I am fighting against and no matter what their strategy to deny democracy as a slippery slope I will be there to stand against it.
     Let's use the current example of the lessening of rights for the LGBT community. Or the example of the attack on women's right to define the future of their own bodies. Or the attack on our individual right to vote. All of these and many more examples are how democracy is being undermined by those who would take rights form us and make our nation less equal. I am not an LGBT person, nor am I a woman, nor am I one who has had his right to vote taken away or made harder to receive. But I will defend each of these classes of citizens because like what we learned from the Nazi party in Germany, once you start accepting the loss of rights to any one group of people there will always be another group of people who will become the next target.
     So on and so on until you find that a group of people you are part of has come under attack from anti-democratic forces. So having learned that lesson, I fight for all groups to keep their democratically allowed rights no matter who they are or whether I am part of their group. I am protecting democracy in the bigger picture and that for me is the ultimate reason for my stance against those who would deny democracy to any and/or all. We have been given a great gift from our forefathers/mothers. I will not tarnish their memory by allowing that gift to be tainted by those who will not accept that democracy is most precious and needs to be protected.

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