Saturday, April 30, 2016

Those who cannot or refuse to reason act unreasonable (#2647)

     Logic is how we are able to discern what the intent of our language signifies and how it is utilized. The same goes for our actions. We do and others see what we do. So it is no surprise that when language and action are coordinated together a reasoned or unreasonable picture appears. I like to use the premise of logically coordinating my actions with my thoughts. You know live what I preach so to speak. Yet there are others who do not live by that standard. They preach one thing and then do another as it were. Then there are those who cannot or will not reason out their thoughts before they act on them. A sort of jumping the gun before the consequences of an action or actions is calculated.
    This is what I see in the republican party. They make accusations not based upon scientific or peer reviewed data and then act on it as if it were factually correct. To me the republican party has become the party of assumptions. They assume something is right or wrong and then act on that assumption with their standard harsh and brutish solution. What is even worse is that they are not consistent in their attacks on presumed rights and wrongs. It is their inability to blame anyone for anything that is outside the working/middle/poor class. As if every problem in society is a scar to the wealthy and the cut comes from the masses.
     For me, I see their problem is in their unwillingness or inability to reason. Logically speaking there are many problems and the problems stem from all quarters of life, yet not to republicans. I have always considered myself a simple person who occasionally entertains some complex thoughts. When I do entertain these complex thoughts I spend a lot of time reasoning them out logically. I question what kind of impact will these thoughts have if they became policy or what is alleviated by their inception? I try to see a list of good and not good and then weigh that list as to whether my thoughts are of value. I don't see that process with republicans, instead I see them already decided upon a value that helps the wealthy and hurts the less than wealthy and implementing it without a second thought.

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