Monday, April 11, 2016

Three things we need, logic, science and love (#2628)

     I am always attempting to fill myself with logic and science. My mind is like a magnet when it comes to understanding how things work and how to explain it. Nothing gives me the thrill in life like becoming aware of something previously unimaginable. It is what I live for as far as motivation goes. Yet there has always been a part of me that is unresolved or more accurately unsettled. I have come to know the power and fulfillment of intimacy with another. In the past in my life I have had a few personal relationships that were deeply experienced with love at the core. Now unfortunately they did not last for any great length of time but the time we did have opened my eyes to what could be.
     Again I will describe our basic nature as it is. We are biological data processors, with 5 senses to help us gather data from outside and from within ourselves. We have memories from which to gather information readily available and to comprehensively add to that with new incoming data. We are also able to reason, analyze and conclude based upon our stored data. Our physical abilities, although not universal throughout the laws of physics do give us the ability to move and settle. Our ability to imagine from our minds new possibilities that awaken creativity from within us is also remarkable. We are an adaptive species able to conceptualize beyond what is in front of us. In other words we are an incredible form and an indomitable one.
    Yet we are not just about the science and the logic. We have emotion. We feel sensations that "touch" our souls and make us realize that we are not just individuals in a community of individuals. We need the connections to each other in order to satisfy more than our abilities, we need the human touch of another as a necessity. Within this need we have for each other there are even greater experiences. When two humans meet and find a special chemical attraction based upon surely scientific anomalies, an occurrence called love will form. Not just the love we have for our family members at large, but a greater love that we feel, for lack of a better word, for our soulmate. I have yet to find this for myself but many others have already and combining science, logic and love as a purpose in life that has been achieved is a rare and beautiful thing indeed.

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