Saturday, April 2, 2016

Unfettered capitalism is like the game Monopoly, in the end there is only one winner (#2619)

     Capitalism offers all of us some hope at the beginning but in the end capitalism will only reward one. It is the nature of competitiveness, to beat all others to the prize. There is nothing wrong with that if we can offset capitalism with safeguards that protect the rest of us who are not the eventual winner. First of all that initial hope we may have all had to being highly successful is more illusion that reality. When trying to climb the ladder of success we are met at every level with those who would use what we have built to maintain their own. So as the more successful we get the more others are set to use what we have built to manipulate away from us for their very own.
     It often happens because capitalism requires us to find capital from those who have it in order to proceed in our ventures. We then become partnered with those who have capital and the wherewithal to outmaneuver us while they increase their ownership of our venture. This isn't some great shock, those who have are not in the business of giving up what they have unless they feel secure in increasing their having. So what starts out as a creative or innovative concept on our part soon enough becomes parceled out to many others simply because they have capital that we don't have.
     Instead of financial institutions set up to deliver to us the means to low cost capital in order for us to be successful, financial institutions are set up to act as a wedge that we must choose given no other resource for our venture to continue. This wedge is "selling" part of what we are doing in order to continue. So the path forward in the capitalistic paradigm is fraught with compromise and less and less control. That is the path in an unfettered capitalistic system. This is why it is difficult to build a success without carpetbaggers and interlopers ready to pounce on any success that may occur. We must have a capitalistic system but not an unfettered one. Where the profit from an idea or innovation shouldn't come from moving money around, but from the application of the product or idea itself.

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