Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Vibrancy is our flow (#2622)

     If you haven't figured it out by now let me state it here. Vibrations are the rhythm by which we flow. Everything in life has a vibration to it. Waves are the common denominator that links us all. From our hearing, seeing and feeling, waves are the manifestation that we eventually sense and absorb into our collective knowledge base. The most perfect example of this for me is how particular music takes me to highs and lows of emotional sensation. I can be sitting in one spot with nothing particular on my mind until I hear some rhythmic sound and instantly I am transported to some magical place where everything is perfectly possible.
     It is as if I have found a direct path to my core. I no longer wonder who I am or what I will be, I am just me right now listening to beauty. Everything makes sense. All the visions of reality that are represented by the motion of the micro/macro world through vibrations and wave lengths comprehensively form the visual panorama, those of us with sight, are better able to enjoy. The majesty on display is no coincidence, the vibrations are not a symphonic chaos, instead they are the logical progression of the rules of science being applied to all matter. Understanding that motion is the lifeblood of human existence is nothing new but knowing that motion is our path, our future, our destiny is somewhat hard to grasp for many.
     The immeasurability of motion would leave no binds to what is possible, yes, even change is subject to motion. this offends some who would think that we have come as far as we can as a species and going further forward is not acceptable. But motion will not be deterred by an unwillingness to admit to it being factual. The analogy to an Ostrich with it's head in a hole in order to avoid reality is akin to what these folks practice. Yet despite their unwillingness to embrace life as it is life will go on regardless. The rest of us who know that controlling what motion will do next as it relates to change will be better for it and more adaptable when the change ultimately does occur.

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