Sunday, May 15, 2016

A difference between democrats and republicans (#2662)

     This one is probably the most egregious difference I can tell about the difference between the two parties. It is in philosophy, as it relates to work. My unfortunate past with work has been under the survival of the fittest, austerity driven republican philosophy. Where what little work I could get was always at a very low price for my labor. Not only was the wage benefit low but the work was extraordinarily physical. I am a big strong man not only physically but mentally and that helped me along in performing my endless tasks. Yet a heavy toll was taken on me. Later in life I am a man who has been used up in many ways and can no longer enjoy life with a healthy vigor.
     I had to take what advantages I had, my strength and skill and use them hard over many years just to survive at a poverty level. Such is the nature of harsh capitalism run by the greedy and brutish. Greedy and brutish is how I describe republicans. They don't care about quality as much as they care about quantity. Their goal is the bottom line, not an honorable life, where they dismiss principled thoughts and behaviors as weakness and whip up the frenzy of chaotic utility for profit. I am all for being successful at a venture that is worthy but not to the point of exacting pounds of flesh from my labor partners. This is where democrats have their difference, philosophically with republicans.
     We democrats want successful ventures but not at the cost of a quality product or service nor at the cost of a quality of life for the workers who make the success of a venture. We democrats want a society where labor isn't the destruction of the human being but instead the celebrated value of the human being. My labor at a job shouldn't cripple me physically and economically. I shouldn't have to sacrifice my physical health for any job, nor should I have to remain in poverty as a result of it. We democrats want workers to have value and to be treated with respect and honor by receiving the true benefit of their labor to the venture. It isn't that hard to treat associates with dignity, it just takes a philosophically honorable person to do it.

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