Sunday, May 8, 2016

Artificial intelligence has nothing on us (#2655)

     The fears that exist out there are from those who are not informed as to how artificial intelligence exists. It is not it's own life, we are. It is not it's own imagining, we are. It, AI cannot exist without us. Those are the facts and all the rest of the hysteria around machines controlling us is fiction. Like all tangible things that have been created by humans, they are just tools for us to learn more from our environment. It isn't just Earth anymore as our environment, it is the whole of the known Universe. We are a species that builds tools and models in order to help us understand our surroundings.
    Artificial intelligence is no different than any other tool we would devise. Just like the onset of the computer age, tools help us get to solutions to problems in seconds, not years. Having set parameters for artificial intelligence to provide solutions under, we then take those solutions and allow ourselves to know complexities in a more comprehensive manner. Think of it like this, a set of problems allowed to be evaluated by a thinking machine in order to arrive at a best known possible solution. Artificial intelligence will not tell us anything that we, as a collective, don't already know through human input. Although we think we are dealing with a form of mechanical life, what we are truly dealing with is a mechanical device that is programmed to solve questions through the vision of a human.
     Artificial intelligence is only a simulation of human behavior in logical and common sense paradigms. It is a tool that we should master, not fear. We as humans since the dawn of mastering fire have been on a steady path forward toward modernization based upon our species and our environment. Creating artificial intelligence to help us along in a comprehensive way is more genius than problematic. Just another tool we have devised to make our lives much more bearable and purposeful. We are biological data processors ourselves so making a machine companion to ourselves is like what the Leonard Nimoy created character Spock would say, "It is only logical".

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