Thursday, May 26, 2016

Chasing the ghost in the computer (#2673)

     I know! Strange post today. But it is all I can think about so it must be my subject for today. I was inexplicably reverted to a different browser page on my computer yesterday. I have been to the forums on this and the tale I have is similar to those who wrote in. I have been trying a varying amount of suggestions to get myself back to where I was before a forced switch was made but so far I have been unsuccessful. I was used to the simple opening of my computer every morning and now for this strange byzantine system thrust upon me leaving me perplexed to be making me use it is unacceptable.
     I was in Windows 10 and doing just fine until Microsoft edge took over from my Google Chrome. I have tried to set Google Chrome back as my default program but Windows 10 won't let me. So I dumped Windows 10 and went back to Windows 8.1 and was able to make Google Chrome my default program. But I am not yet at the point where the opening of my computer is where it was even back when I had Windows 8.1. So that is where I am right now and although I have commitments this morning I have to get this figured out soon. I know how I am and I won't stop until I am back at Windows 10 with the same protocol I had until I was unceremoniously switched.
     Again, I know this is a strange post for this morning but there is a lesson here. I don't like being herded and this is exactly what this "feels" like. We need to make choices based upon what works for us and not be told that we can only do things one way. It is an age old problem with we humans and what we do to each other. Had I been asked I would have said leave me alone. But someone decided that asking me what I wanted wasn't necessary and that will rile me up more than most things. Once I have this figured out I will come back and describe it but until then I hope I can accomplish getting back to where I was sooner rather than later.

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