Saturday, May 28, 2016

Every moment we are doing good is one less moment of bad (#2675)

     Whenever you ask yourself why you are wasting your time doing good things just remember that it is one less bad thing being done. Our lives may seem meaningless but they are not. We influence everything around us through our thoughts and behaviors. If we are blazing a trail of wreckage then that is just that much more bad in our lives and the lives of those around us. If we are cleaning up messes and creating new good paradigms then our lives are better as are the lives of those around us. That is the dynamic, if we stay in the positive and do what we can, we are making the world better around us. That is more than living a life of meaninglessness.
     It is a purpose of sorts. Everything is connected in some way that makes the whole of us who we are. If I am part of a good thing about everything then my role in this one giant ball of existence is a worthy purpose. I am not just some number in a long line of numbers known by some name. I am more than that. I am manifesting a destiny of my choosing that doesn't just have my own well being as a stake holder. As a metaphor, I am fashioning an existence where what is left behind me is not rough road with obstacles at every turn. Instead I am trying to pave a road that is smooth, filled with sunshine and shade where needed. I am more than what others may want me to be or tell me to keep me in a pessimistic frame of mind. I refuse that and instead summon my inner strengths to create my own vision of life and what it can be.
     An intelligent thing to do is read the old philosophers and find little nuggets of wisdom. Take all those nuggets of wisdom and apply them to our own modern times and see if you cannot make sense out of all the current nonsense being peddled. Some bark at us to tell us what they want us to react to. I look into my own life and become the best of what is best about me. Using wisdom and the goodness within me I can see a future that is magnificent and worthy of the exceptional human species we truly are. We are the masters of the universe, each one of us so let us take that mantle and reign like we were meant reign.

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