Wednesday, May 25, 2016

If the devil were the republican nominee, republicans would vote for him (#2672)

     If you haven't figured this one out yet then truly you are living under a rock. No matter how bad or dehumanizing the republican nominee is, it will not matter to republican voters. Republicans are so inculcated into their knee jerk reactions that they will never vote for anyone who isn't associated with the republican party. It is disturbing to see but not unexpected. Like I said above, if Satan were running as their leader, they would at first be appalled but then they would line up behind him as the lesser of two evils in their minds. Somehow the worst candidates are transformed into the best candidates as long as they say they are republicans.
     I sat back with amusement as the republican establishment, what is left of it, bellowed that they would never support Donald Trump as their nominee. Yet just a few weeks later here we are with most all of the establishment republicans aligning behind the man who would be their champion. I have learned from the past that although republicans say one thing, they will always fall back in line behind whoever or whatever gives them the best chance to win. Because winning is what politics is all about for republicans, not solving problems that plaque our society or protecting our democratic form of governance. Instead it is about winning in order to keep power so that they can have the greatest path to wealth for their already wealthy donors.
     This is obvious, there is no argument that republicans are the party of the wealthy. If you do not know this then truly you have been living under a rock. Every piece of legislation is aimed at cutting taxes for the wealthy or denying the working/middle/poor class of any opportunity to improve their lot in life. So for anyone who is wealthy and/or believes that the wealthy should have all the power and none of the strife then surely keep voting for republican candidates. That is how our constitution is written, to give us a voice in selecting our representatives. But if you are not wealthy and believe that the people of our nation should decide the future of out society then stop voting for republicans and vote for democrats. We democrats are far from perfect but we are working on perfecting our party, just like we are creating policies that help the working/middle/poor class.

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