Monday, May 2, 2016

Immigration reform is needed (#2649)

     There are far too many necessary undocumented workers here in America who have no rights to protect them from predators and experiencing an American dream of their own. Their children are in limbo as to legal status which leaves them subject to harassment and embarrassment. It is tough enough to fit into a society that promotes equality when you are seen as more invisible that real. These folks work at jobs that many of us cannot nor will not attempt because of the nature of the labor. So it falls to these undocumented to provide the labor that these services demand.
     Our nation is full of immigrants and nothing about this should be that difficult to understand. It is a win/win situation bringing in the undocumented as they could start to build their lives from out of the shadows and bring their work ethic to the forefront of our society instead of being hidden in silence. Our melting pot society should embrace those who bring different aspects of culture and commitment to our own. We are a better species when all of us have a voice in expressing our uniqueness. We do have citizens now who wish only to remain a less multi cultured society but those are the ones who like to segregate instead of integrate.
     Putting aside the social, political and economic tug of rope that always follows policy change, we need to express to the world our commitment to democracy and democratic ideals. Where the spirit of hope and acceptance are higher values than those of fear and bigotry. We need our undocumented to be included and become documented so that our society is not hiding our inability to structure an inclusive necessary group of individuals whose intent is to find a better life for themselves and their loved ones. We need immigration reform now and the sooner we get there the more responsible we become as individual citizens who respect humanity more than our fear based worst natures.

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