Saturday, May 7, 2016

Our worst natures versus our best natures (#2654)

     This is what is shaping up to be what our upcoming national election will be all about. We have the republicans with their policies of separation and struggle for the working/middle/poor class and the democrats who are trying hard to uplift and prosper the working/middle/poor class. The distinction between the two parties is absolutely clear. Republicans offer no excuses for their strategy to hammer a wedge between the haves and the have nots, They are blatant in their approach to making us all suffer through austerity driven policies while they privatize our previously efficient public programs. Their agenda is based upon pitting one segment of society against another in order to stir social passions while stripping the working/middle/poor class of economic power.
     Democrats, on the other hand, are working to strengthen public programs so that there is a floor from which no American citizen could ever fall below without choosing to do so. A more Keynesian approach to stimulating the economy and raising minimum wages to a point where they are above the poverty level. Democrats as well are working to make our politics more accessible to all who have ideas about how our society should be governed by working to overturn supreme court rulings that equate money with speech and corporations with people. Democrats want to work on making our democracy more perfect and giving our citizens more say in how that is accomplished. Unlike republicans, who want to restrict voting for various fallacious reasons, democrats want to ensure that all Americans can vote without onerous restrictions.
     Democracy is a system of government for all of it's citizens and that is what is being defined or not by this coming election. Democrats want to reinforce and expand democratic ideals while republicans want to restrict democratic ideals and then lessen them. We are going to have a choice soon and whomever can define their intent the best despite the lying and misinformation that will be offered, will have the upper hand when the voting time comes. It is incumbent upon all of us who are defenders of democracy to step forward and articulate the need to stop republicans from instituting their agenda to disorganize and privatize our essential needs to the hands of the profiteers and power brokers.

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