Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Reclaiming our humanity on the US Supreme Court (#2650)

     The death of an ultra conservative justice on the US Supreme Court has given us an opportunity to replace him with a moderate to liberal justice. This would serve our nation well since the court is currently divided 4 conservative to 4 liberals. A fifth moderate or liberal justice would sway the court back to the liberal side. What this will do is start to show a less austere and a more humanitarian bend to interpreting our laws. This is what we need. After a few decades of conservative austere rulings, our nation is ripping apart between factions that are brutish and cruel and factions that want a civilized modern society based upon equality and fairness.
     The relevance here is that although our current President has nominated a decent fellow with a moderate/liberal bent to his judicial philosophy, the current Senate is controlled by a majority of republicans who are denying any vote on a Supreme Court nominee. What these conservative republican Senators are doing is unprecedented and hopefully the US electorate will make them pay at the voting booth for their exposed unwillingness to discharge their constitutional duty. So President Obama's final year in office will not likely include his nomination to the US Supreme Court becoming a reality.
     So more than likely this task will fall to the next President and Senate to be elected this November. That such an important election is at our forefront is now more obvious than ever. Just as our neighbors to the north did up in Canada, a new beginning is within our grasp. As Canada has shown us that throwing out the policies of austerity can be done in a wholesale and definitive way, so can we do the same here in America. A perfect timing for a Canadian example to set for us as we are at the same brink they were and they did magnificently well in showing the world that humanity in politics is much more welcoming and productive to a modern society than the policies of austerity that squeeze and punish those who are most vulnerable within the working/middle/poor class.

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