Friday, May 27, 2016

Religious fanaticism is killing American enlightenment (#2674)

     Our national constitution was written in such a way as to avoid the conflict of belief systems and logical progression. The purpose was to free up individuality so that strict structures, based upon myths, mores and superstitions, were not the only parameters by which individuality could be understood and expressed. Belief systems were not banned, but simply put outside our political endeavors. Logic and common sense must be our guide to defining our society as a whole and the idea of secularism must be the root of our beginnings, in between and endings. Our laws as defined by our constitution are the final arbiter to how we operate in society and no other rules or dogma, written or otherwise conveyed, outside our constitution are acceptable.
     Yet this is where we seem to have a disconnect. Religious fanaticism has become a distorted movement by which inequality and unfairness thrive. I call it religious fanaticism but it is much more. there is an underlying hatred and intolerance that feeds this movement. What is worse about our natures seems to thrive in this brutish paradigm. Currently there is a lack of modern intelligence that has created a void and rushing in to fill this void are the less than intellectually honest. By clinging to the idea that a magical sovereign is the answer to all our problems we have effectively shirked our responsibility to be good stewards ourselves. We have acquiesced our rights to be intellectually honest and instead have fallen back on the comfort and shortcut of pretending there is a higher sovereign.
     There is no proof whatsoever of a deity, yet people will swear there is based upon their desperate hope that there is one. A denial that trumps all other forms of logic and common sense. It is a character flaw and behavioral weakness to quit on curiosity and wonder as one of our true human natures to accept that we are just a lump of "clay" formed by some greater authority. I for one am embarrassed at our nations slow decline from modernity and enlightenment yet I know that there is still time to turn our minds from fear and laziness to a more productive life of vigorous investigation and comprehensive intellectual gathering.

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