Monday, May 16, 2016

Republicans and their caveman mentality (#2663)

     I just cannot get enough of exposing republicans to their own despicable thoughts and behaviors. When I see such backward and creepy behavior I am enraged. Republicans would have us treat women as property, and all the rest of the animal kingdom as our trophies. Republicans also would take our planet to the very edge of extinction in order to make a buck and then pray to some belief system to make everything okay again. They live for today in a survival of the fittest mentality as long as they have a socialized police force or army to protect them. A bubble existence justified by their arrogance, devoid of logic and common sense.
     The landscape republicans offer us politically is to treat all who are not financially successful as if our only value is as cannon fodder. Ready to be slaughtered in the name of advantage and privilege seeking planet domination. What is unnerving is that too many of us are letting them establish this paradigm even though the very nature of our democracy is being dismantled in the name of unfettered capitalism. Our Revolutionary War was not fought in order to make capitalism the genesis of who we are. On the contrary, the war was fought to establish a democratic nation. Are we now to let that tremendous achievement be undercut by those few greedy wealthy who only see a bottom line profit as honorable?
     Treating women as property and our planet as a playground without care to it's maintenance. Such is the mentality of the republican party. I am an American who cherishes the ideal that democracy is the greatest form of society ever established and never will I relinquish that gift and promise. The wealthy may have bought their safety and security from most all threats to their power but one they have not fully consolidated yet is our vote. They are in the process of controlling that as well but not yet. So the window to the majority having a say in how our nation will continue with democratic principles is closing. But as long as there is an opportunity to do right by our fore/parents then we must take it now.

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