Friday, May 20, 2016

Republicans holding us back from a modern enlightened society (#2667)

     The dumbing down of America is in full swing. Republicans everywhere want to keep our citizenry from realizing that we have the potential to improve and create a more enlightened and equal society. You can easily tell this is happening by the laws these republicans keep trying to get past our national constitution. From restricting voting rights to cutting education funding to denying women the right to define their own destiny to name a few. Everywhere you turn you see the ill effects of republican legislation. We cannot even get republicans to pass an equal pay for equal work for women bill. The audacity of their strategy to treat our citizens as class based children in need of their paternalistic guidance is appalling.
     We are no longer a nation that relies on the myths, superstitions or mores of the past. We now know that logic, science and common sense are our true equations for interpreting our future, yet republicans are not on board with this. They prefer to keep us captive to dogma that is antiquated and anti-democratic. If that was all it would still be horrible but it isn't. Our planet's climate is at risk of changing for the worse due in large part to our acquiescence to powerful forces that find profit in dirty energy. We are turning a corner on this but much damage has been done and is still being done through republican obstruction to transition to cleaner more healthy forms of energy production.
     I cannot begin to emphasize just how bad republican policies are for our society. The mantra of republicans is to build greater armies for more wars and expand police forces and build more jails. It is imperative that we stop the republican agenda as soon as possible, beginning with this coming election and further into our next ones. The devastation they have caused already can be remedied but the time is short and unless done soon will become irreparably irreversible.

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