Friday, May 6, 2016

Staying plugged into the vibes (#2653)

     It doesn't matter what the vibe is just allow it in. It will either inspire you or not. I know I am partial to certain vibrations that have tremendously influenced me and still do today. Everything has a vibration to it. Just find the ones that rock your soul with peace or emotion. I am always talking about how logical we need to be and how much our common sense should be influencing how we think and act, however there are times when logic and common sense must take a backseat to the vibes coming in. We are human and that includes us having an attachment to our universe. A lot times that attachment is more perfectly understood through sound and sight and the waves that they carry.
     Yes, I am talking generally about music but equally as well as music is what visuals we see all around us. The vibrations of nature as it circulates through it's evolution. Our planet and it's habitat are all giving off vibes that we must experience. The whole purpose of being alive here is to allow our senses to activate. We are a sensory species and as we feel and absorb the vibrations around us we begin to assimilate into our environment properly. We are not separate from what is around us, on the contrary we are a vital part of it. What we don't understand through observation or language we can get a "feel" for through vibrations, which may also explain intuition.
     The day we stop allowing vibrations to filter through us is the day we begin to die to growth. Vibrations are magnificent and comforting especially if discovered in a way that truly rocks our soul. To find the right vibrations we need to be open to them. Music is a fantastic way to experience vibes but that is but one way. Visual vibrations can be had by utilizing our thought along with our imagination in conjunction with what we see. The vibes that we know of and the ones we don't know of are everywhere just waiting for us to experience them.

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