Sunday, May 29, 2016

The absolute necessity for health care for everyone (#2676)

     I was sitting here trying to count up all the breaks, tears, strains and the aches and pains that go with them that I have had or continue to have in my own body. It is a fact of time and space that our bodies grow older and although when we were first starting out in life and we grew and got strong, the opposite occurs when we get older. No carnival barker or salesman will ever be able to turn back eventuality. So it is with everyone of us. None of us is immune to growing older and having our bodies break down from the wear and tear of life. So it isn't a stretch at all, unless it is a ligament, that we all are going to need medical attention in our older age.
     Now I am not even taking into account all the physical battles we many have even before we grow old. Or the physical ailments we are born with. Which is a great many of us as it is. No, I am just referencing those of us past a certain age when the body begins to break down. We are "all" susceptible to aging and the effects of aging on our bodies. I am trying to be very clear here, none of us is immune to aging and it's detrimental physical effects. So why can't we all agree that we all need to have health care? Is it that some think other things are more important? Is it that others think that some of us are not worthy of maintaining health? Regardless of what the reason is that some do not want us all to have health care, the intent behind it is wrong and brutishly held.
     I find this with most all in the republican party and some in the democratic party as well. My point here is that health care is a logical solution to a certain and unassailable fact, we "all" need health care. For anyone to say otherwise is a failing on their part to either not understand the fundamental nature of aging and it's health complications or that they are hard folks who count their pennies and others' pennies as a higher priority than life itself. This is a moral and logical failing to do so and highlights what most all in the republican party and yes, even some in the democratic party have chosen to do.

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