Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The core of love (#2664)

     I have been in love over the span of my lifetime and what was rooted deep within that love was our connection to each other and the expectation that that connection would always be our most valuable prize. In the concept of marriage is that idea that the two do become one when it is perfectly right. It is true that as we got to know each other we began to think like one. Of course for me that didn't last long because outside forces beyond either of our control tore us apart. Yet when we were together it was magical. We shared the same principles in life. Our values were compatible in that we cared for not only each other but we cared for others as well.
    We never stopped learning of new ideas and new concepts to apply to our lives. We actually lived our lives together in a much more honorable way than when we were apart. There is something about having an ally to keep one on the right path. Having the good fortune to share a mutual love with someone is a gift and in more ways than one. We heard each other when we talked. When we looked at each other we saw the majesty of both time and space in each of our eyes. We treated each other the way we wanted to be treated ourselves. We touched each other in public and private ways that signaled to each that there was no other. The core of love places the value of the other in a higher order than the value of oneself. A never ending sacrifice to maintain the immersion it takes to stay together.
     What I didn't do right with my love was fight hard enough to keep her. I was younger and not quite sure of my footing in life and that destroyed my chance to keep the most wonderful thing I was ever part of. I am older and wiser now and know what it would take to keep a love if it ever revisited me. I had no one to tell me that love lost is the greatest living regret there is. Some of us have to find out the hard way and others can learn from those of us who wish no hard way on any other.

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