Sunday, May 22, 2016

The desperation problem with income inequality (#2669)

     What the greedy wealthy fail to realize is that the poverty of the poor creates tremendous desperation. The basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter, cleanliness etc... are difficult to obtain. Other critically important necessities like being able to have a mobile phone or transportation, although critical, seem like luxuries compared to living hand to mouth. The wealthy think that bare minimums for workers are part of what makes them successful at business and in theory it does make them successful in business. However it also makes them unsuccessful as human beings who live in a democracy where equality of opportunity fairness, justice are discarded in order to fulfill the desires of capitalism.
     Desperation makes us do things we ordinarily would not do and that is where this mindset of punishing those who have little is turned itself into a money making private prison venture. When crossing a gray line with the law to serve a noble and/or necessary deed is used as a retribution to serve another profit making opportunity is when we have sunk to the depths of our well hidden depravity. Instead of fixing our broken democratic system that has been turned subservient to an advantaged and privileged laden capitalistic one, we only help the wealthy. The underlying problem of income inequality is not addressed but instead is maintained while the poor continue to suffer.
     Reducing poverty, increasing wages to meet needs and treating all of those involved in money making ventures with respect is the solution. Improving our system of democracy to include all while diminishing the force of unfettered capitalism to a more reasonable society fulfilling paradigm is the path we need to take. The days of winners take all and everyone else is just tool to be used and discarded without a second thought to those consequences are over. We are an enlightened species who have the mechanics and knowledge to force ourselves to solve problems that currently have so many in a state of desperation.

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