Monday, May 9, 2016

The real price of labor (#2656)

     As it currently stands now our labor that we spend doing the work of making real and necessary things is under priced. If republicans would have their way, it would be even more under priced on whole. Republicans want to do away with unions and create right to work for less at the state level and are working to make it so on a national scale. We workers, who are the vast majority of our populace are not considering our economics with as much value as we should. It seems that we are more concerned with social, political and theological issues to the detriment of our economic status. I don't have anything against entrepreneurs and their risk taking. I get that they are sacrificing much in order to gain much. But I do have a problem when they base their gaining much on the backs of workers.
     If the product or service they provide cannot sustain a more balanced share for workers then their product or service is a detriment to society. What is the overall value to society when workers are paid for their labor at rates that enslave them? Are workers to be treated as less than human for the entrepreneur to be successful? Is this how our society is to be viewed? The wealth at the top of our capitalistic system is egregious. When so few are making more profit than they could ever spend in many lifetimes while the workers who are responsible for the bulk of that profit making are living in poverty and need government assistance to barely raise their families, a change must be made. It can be a radical change that is forced upon the reluctant wealthy or it can be a negotiated change much like what unions provide for workers and owners.
     I prefer the reinvigorated union paradigm. Where negotiation and common sense provide a path forward instead of outright revolt where anger and frustration will be the arbiters toward fairness. The day of reckoning is coming regardless so for us to ignore the obvious any longer is only exacerbating an existing greed filled system bent toward paying workers less than a fair share. The democratic party offers workers the best option for addressing pay equity concerns and voting for democrats everywhere at every level is the only logical way to improve the lives of all in the working/middle/poor class.

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