Friday, May 13, 2016

The sniveling cowardice of the selfish (#2660)

     Unfortunately I get to see this all too often. There are enough right wingers around me to witness this on a daily basis. They purport to care about those who are less fortunate but behind their backs they connive and condescend in a most piggish way. It is as if they find pleasure in secretly being jerks. I don't have to be around these folks but I cannot stop having contact as a matter of geography. Yet I despise their selfishness and simple minded solutions of eliminating the problem without so much as finding out the root cause. Not everything is cured by a bullet. In fact very few things are yet not in their minds.
     So living in a cognitive dissonant state is normal for them. They want to appear to be generous of spirit but in their hearts they are as brutish and cruel as any of their own imagined demons. It is unfortunate that we, our society in general, continue to home grow these intellectual midgets, Our society is becoming one where the fate of those who are desperate is held in contempt without knowing why. It is sufficient for many to just shoot first and don't even ask questions later. An expectation that certain privileges and rights are theirs and who cares so much about yours. It has been my fate to have been born into an era where logic and common sense are less attractive a process than ignorance and hatred.
     Yet here I am and as a witness to it I can say that I am determined to stomp ignorance and hatred out. I don't admire cowardice nor fear as paradigms worthy of my time. They are weak and less than human actions as a foundation. I was born onto this planet with nothing beyond my skin and when I die I will take nothing, not even my skin with me. So all that is in between is the accumulation of who I am, not the comfort and finery I surround myself with, which in my case is stretching things a bit. I had a friend who has since passed who used to say that he could be walking down the street with nothing but his shirt on his back and he would be just fine. To him, everything tangible was just pig iron. In other words, irrelevant. So it is with me and that is what I fight to express.

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