Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Understanding economic change (#2671)

     The differences between democrats and republicans on the economy are in where the profits go. Republicans want a more heavily top oriented profit accumulation. Whereas democrats want a more spread out profit sharing paradigm. What we have now is more heavily weighed toward the republican ideal as income inequality between the wealthy and the poor is the largest gap in almost a century. What we democrats want to do is stop that ongoing growing trend in it's tracks and start reversing that trend back to a more fair profit sharing system. The overall actions of our economy would little change so there would be no great break in how our economic system is run, but what would happen is that wages would increase for the working/middle/poor class while the wealthy would be responsible for paying a fairer share of taxes from their profit.
     So there is no worry that reorganizing our tax system and raising wages will have much of any effect on the current stability of our economy. In fact, having more of the profit coming into the hands of the working/middle/poor class will actually enhance our economy and make it more robust. Which would then create more opportunities for work for those who have no work, or work that pays very little. Growing our economy can only come about by increasing demand for products and services. The only way that demand can come about is if the working/middle/poor class have more fluidity in their spending. We need to have customers for products and services and this can only come about through higher wages and more tax revenue from the wealthy.
     That is indisputable. So the sooner we get on with it the sooner we will find a more happy society. Republicans have been fighting this inevitability with all their might as their vision of a winner take all society is being overrun by those of us who see all of us being part of some success, rather big or small. We democrats and independents can accomplish this by voting. When we vote, republicans are the small minority and so will their elected officials become. We need liberals and progressives to join together to make our nation a more economically and socially equitable one and it begins with your vote.

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