Sunday, May 1, 2016

We accept things they way they are because we don't know any better. (#2648)

     It isn't apathy that is stalling modern progress, it is ambivalence about that which we deserve. How much of a price must we pay in order to have better is the calculation. Since most don't know that we could have a much better life they just accept the little they have as a greater priority over fighting for better. There was a time in my childhood when the sky was the limit as far as opportunity to succeed and a modicum of wealth accumulation for the middle class could be had. Those days are long gone due to policies by the wealthy and their political party, the republicans. Now we have little with not much opportunity to succeed and building a nest egg is a pipe dream.
     The last two generations born into our society don't know what it was like to have a good paying job with many benefits for those with only a high school education. Now a college education is no guarantee of a minimum wage job. Our economic structure has been turned on it's head and instead of a burgeoning middle class we have a burgeoning poor class. The wealth has been taken from middle class workers and been pocketed by the wealthy. So now very few remember that our industries and manufacturing used to elevate our middle class toward a productive and comfortable life. Listening to republicans now they are even attacking low wage workers as being entitled. Republicans would even do away with or lowering the national minimum wage.
      We are told that capitalism is the only measure we need to make an economy work, yet we are not told that capitalism only works for a few and those few must make deals with the worst parts of our nature to be successful. We are told that wars are our only way of combating opposition to our policies even though our policies often contradict with the essence of democratic principles. We are told that we must prove we are Americans in order to vote by the republican party that has power and doesn't want to lose it to popular common sense or ideals of justice and fairness.We don't fight for better because many don't even have a clue what that is.

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