Monday, June 20, 2016

Altruism is a worthy purpose (#2698)

     I don't care what anyone else says, I am all about trying to help our world become better. The cynics and selfish will scoff and laugh at those like me but for me those who are cynical and selfish are the problem. Not one child ever born on this planet should have to suffer the way we currently allow through our disdain and inattention. Not one child ever born should be denied the same rights that every other child born receives. My greatest ambition is to help fulfill the ideals of democracy. Who would be against that? Well, sociopaths and psychopaths come to mind. There are more but you see the types of incomplete humans I am referencing.
     Those of us who are of a common sense and caring logical mind would naturally want no harm to come to anyone just because they exist. It isn't a fantasy or an illusion to want our world to be more reflective of our better natures than what currently exists. We are not living in a world that has gotten here on it's own. Much of what we are living in has been strategically engineered to be so. Some for good reason and practicalness but much has come about due to the worst of who we are. Those who use power and position in society to warp democracy so that some may have great advantage over others. Democracy in it's correct application would not allow anything beyond merit and talent to separate us from being treated equally.
     Democracy demands that we care for each other as if we were caring for ourselves. It is the most humane government structure that a civilized society can install. Altruism is part of that humanity. Altruism allows us to fight for what is right in the world and to make better the ill of injustice we find. Altruism is necessary if we are to, like our founders exclaimed, make our union more perfect. We live on this planet with each other and we die on this planet with each other. What other purpose is more noble than to make our planet better when we leave it than it was when we first got here?

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