Friday, June 24, 2016

Conservatives only know how to tear things down (#2702)

     Our American republicans, notwithstanding, share much in common with conservatives world wide. I have yet to see policies from conservatives from any country where they actually work to establish policies and programs aimed at building up their societies. Oh, they will tell you that free enterprise and limited regulation are the building blocks of success but we have not seen any evidence of that to suggest it is true. On the other hand we have seen much evidence that it is false. Yet for whatever incomprehensible reasons we cannot seem to make conservatives pay for their obvious greed and intolerance. Are we such a species as to deny ourselves what could be best about us?
     I am perplexed by this. We know that liberal/progressive policies and programs are the only ones that have lasted the test of time and through logical evidence we know most all these policies and programs have improved our societies. Yet we are on the brink of letting conservatives have all the political power in our nations to dispose of these successful programs because...I don't know why. I am ashamed of my fellow citizenry who cannot find the will to be logical and think with common sense. It will be one of the most egregious intellectual and physical outcomes if we somehow allow a republican here in America to become president while republicans also currently control both houses of Congress.
     Surely it will do me less harm since I am on the backside of my life but for all the younger generations to come this would be a disaster to democracy and enlightenment in epic proportions. Living in a metaphorical "dog eat dog" world where the survival of the fittest determines quality of life is thuggish and brutish. Is this who we are here in America? Are we just a bunch of delusional privileged beings trying to have our way like spoiled children? I can only say that my loyalties are to democracy and intelligence so when both of these are laid to waste by republican destruction it will be a struggle for many whose loyalties are the same just to survive.

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