Saturday, June 18, 2016

Everything in life is a puzzle (#2696)

     What we don't already know is left for us to figure out. What we have already learned is what we have already puzzled out correctly. This is why it is imperative that we are an educated society. It is why I suggest we pay our children and young adults to learn. Nothing will get us to knowing more about this existence than an incentive to learn beyond the traditional arguments we make about improving ourselves for more noble reasons. Surely improving ourselves for noble reasons is an excellent part of the puzzle but it is a smaller part than what we had hoped. We need to incentivize education for our students. They will not only then be motivated by noble causes but by an economic one as well.
     The bottom line here is to create a society that is above average in all educational measurements. Becoming wealthy is not the goal here unlike our current capitalistic system aims us at, but to improve the human condition so that there are less ways our society can falter. We need all of our citizens to be motivated to great intellectual advances. Why not? We are all human and we are all in an equal society sharing space, why not intelligence? What we have now is not enough so adding a degree of wealth to learning is not a revolutionary concept. The goal here is to have a society of beings who are up to the majesty of our mental and physical capabilities.
     Too many of our citizenry are left behind intellectually and instead of adding to our great advances actually hold them back. We cannot continue to have a society that doesn't include as many of us as possible. Forget the profit above all else arguments. Forget the societal restrictions we place on each other through intolerance and non diversity. Forget all of that and let us focus instead on what we all share. We all share the ability to reason, analyze and conclude. Some of us more so than others and that is what is achieved through merit, not some other discriminatory measure. Our Universe is laying at our feet waiting to be puzzled out and the more souls we put toward that puzzling out the better and more efficient we become as a democratic society.

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