Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Live in your boldness not your insecurities (#2700)

     It is your choice. The choice may be difficult or life changing but it does boil down to how you want to live your one life. Remember, life is finite. We never know when it may end for all kinds of known or unknown reasons. So how do you want to live? Are you satisfied with just skating through life without causing many waves? Are you satisfied with accepting less than what you actually can have just so you don't have to be the one who decides? Whatever the reason, at least admit that your are afraid or are not strong enough to lead your own life. The one thing you can count on should be that the truth of things are real and facing them is the first step toward being the "boss" of yourself.
     I choose living in my boldness and having done both, lived in my insecurities and now my boldness I can say for absolute certainty that living in my boldness is far superior to not. I found that my insecurities were my fear manifesting itself as my own perception that I was insignificant. Well I am here to say that I, nor anyone else ever born, is insignificant. We are a unique and special being capable of so much it cannot be fully registered yet by our current technology. So the myth that we are insignificant is just that, a myth. Now we don't need to rush headlong into our lives without regard to consequences. That would deny our ability to reason, analyze and conclude through logic and common sense. But we cannot allow ourselves to be slaves to those who would take our right to be our own individual self either.
     So the boundary that I live within lets me decide my own decisions based upon what I consider to be my priorities for life. I take the virtue of our best qualities and express them toward any final outcome. I don't see my physical self as the only factor as I move into my future. I see more than that. I see our society and I see what is best taught as an example to those who are coming up after me. My boldness is that I don't live just for myself as a rule, I live for all of us as a desire to make our world better. That is what brings me satisfaction and in my soul I have such a peace that I never thought I could find.

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